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Block And Modular Constructions - ZBKiT-4-MC-T-U2-1a

Modular stations are made in conformity and needs of the customer and can be executed in following executions: - Block boxing; - On the chassis; - On a sled; - In 20 and 40 foot railway (sea) containers;

ZBKiT-4-МС-Т-У2-1а are made according to needs of the customer and differ in type and sizes.

  • Placing of complex equipment for dispensing, including capacitor equipment, and also centrifugal installations of complex decision;
  • Placing of engineering equipment (control systems of technological and power equipment, power supply);
  • Placing of high-voltage supply equipment;
  • Placing in the form of 20, 40-foot railway or sea containers;
  • Placing in the form of several block-boxes or containers;
  • Placing on chassis;
  • Placing on sled

ZBKiT-4-МС-Т-У2-1а provide:

  • Possibility of installation in products of equipment of the Customer fixed by means of embedded elements of the construction;
  • Possibility of mechanised crane installation and removal of products from a vehicle and fastening on it with angular fittings;
  • Maintenance possibility in a working premise of the set temperature conditions in cold and hot climatic areas by means of system of microclimate maintenance and by means of choice of rational thickness of heat-insulation layer in panels of walls, floor and roof;
  • Fire safety of the construction designs, by means of application of non-flammable building materials and installation of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems;
  • Restriction of access of extraneous persons to the functional equipment (apparatus) placed in the product;

Depending on requirements of the Customer, installation and assembling possibility in disposition places on the equipped bases or specially prepared platforms .

ZBKiT-4-МС-Т-У2-1а can contain:

  • Container case with bearing external covering;
  • Panels of walls, roofs and doors with sheets of thermal protection placed between internal and external coverings;
  • Floor with heat-insulation layer, cable channels, blocks of cable inputs and antistatic covering;
  • Built in additional embedded constructions in the container case, installation providing possibility and fastening of engineering and functional equipment;
  • Shedding;
  • Demountable roof;
  • Platforms entrance (gangways-platforms);
  • Engineering equipment (control systems of technological and power equipment, power supply);
  • Board distributive;
  • Illumination system;
  • Anti-theft system and alarm system of intrusion of unauthorized people on the object;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • System of microclimate maintenance;;
  • Holders under blocks of tight cable inputs and inputs themselves;
  • Electrical supply system;
  • Grounding elements.

Obligatory requirements in the product are the following:

  • Reliability, convenience in operation and aesthetics;
  • Set thermophysical parametres of the premises according to design and construction specifications 50.13330.2012;
  • unimpeded access of a person or repair means to all knots and details of the product and installed equipment;
  • Necessary adaptability to manufacture at manufacturing and assemblage at the factory, transportation, installation and operation;
  • possibility of Transportation by water, automobile and air transport;
  • Safety at transportation, storage and transloading under condition of following of service and transportation regulations;
  • Convenience of performance of repairs, fastening of equipment, technical and commercial examinations;
  • Tightness of door, window and technological apertures.


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